Ari Ratner is a multi-media artist and filmmaker based in Philadelphia, PA. In 2015 she received her BFA in Film/Video from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with Departmental Honors. Since then, she has worked on various projects.

From directing several music videos for artists such as Speedy Ortiz and Lina Tullgren to creating the performance art project 'Tiffany's House', Ari is constantly trying to make the dreams she has of a deranged technicolor world come to life. 

She also co-curates the 'Under the Underground' film series with friend and fellow filmmaker Adrian Booth in Boston, MA and can be caught screaming in the noise punk band 'Peach Ring' in a basement near you. 

Thriving on a steady diet of clown figurines, doll parts, and pretending to be Pee-wee Herman's cousin, she is prepared to make all your wildest nightmares a beautiful reality.